Jonathan Blattmachr at the 2011 Federal Tax Clinic

Preeminent trust and estate planning lawyer Jonathan Blattmachr of Eagle River Advisors today will be delivering a speech on temporary estate, gift and GST tax exemptions to the 2011 Federal Tax Clinic at the Bryant Conference Center on the campus of The University of Alabama. The conference, in its 65th year, brings together tax professionals for a two day event to discuss key industry topics and changes.

The Alabama Federal Tax Clinic, founded in 1947, provides quality educational service to CPAs and tax lawyers in the Southeast. With unique expertise and feedback from Clinic participants, the board has maintained the clinic for over 60 years. This year’s seminars feature leaders in the fields of estate planning developments, international tax and partnership sales, among others.

Mr. Blattmachr’s speech, entitled the ‘Impact of $5 Million Exclusion,’ will tap into his deep knowledge of the ever-changing tax codes, and offer his insights into best estate planning strategies for a plethora of individual circumstances. Participants will benefit from his expertise, stemming from 35 years of experience in trusts and estates law, his extensive lecturing on estate and trust taxation and charitable giving, and his authoring or co-authoring of five books and over 400 articles on estate planning topics.

Specifically, Jonathan Blattmachr will cover the opportunities for financial and estate planning available under the temporary $5 million estate, gift and GST tax exemptions. He will explain how most efficiently to use the exemptions, including how to have the transfer or retain interests in the property transferred while keeping the property out of his or her estate for Federal tax purposes. Further, he will discuss how to avoid the reciprocal trust doctrine if spouses create trusts for each other and the role of life insurance in such planning.


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